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This Year

A wish for 2022

One would think,

given a global


which has claimed

millions of lives,

that we would speak

kindly to each other.

A time of travail

often is a time

of banding together

under the common

bond of the will

to survive and


But this time,

we have jumped the

tracks. We hardly

hear our own voices

over the collective


Where did we miss the split?

What signal rendered

the switchman direlect

in his duty?

How did we arrive

in such a chaotic block?

This contagion,

this virus,

which surprises us

at every turn,

has made a mockery

of opinions &


No matter where we

stand on the issue,

we are wrong

again & again.

If we have a claim

to any status as

an intelligent species,

it is only by learning

from our mistakes, as

well as advancing with

our successes.

The first lesson,


is that we have,

collectively speaking,

more to gain from

listening than


This year, 2022,

offers an opportunity

to improve our

score. We can get

better with practice!

Talk with someone

with whom you


Listen to their side

of the story.

Don't worry,

you don't have to

concur. It is only

necessary to listen.

But listen well!

Eschew forming an


Try to extract their concerns.

Respect the complexity

of the situation.

Proceed with great


knowing that this

virus will -- in some

way -- prove us wrong

yet again.

Let us

transform the

pandemic of confusion,

misunderstanding, distrust

into the vibrance

of unity & acceptance!

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